How to Make Dental Veneers Last

When you get yourdental veneers in Avon, OH, you’ll immediately see the difference they make in how you look and feel. Dental veneers work well to mask minor imperfections such as crooked teeth, cracks, discoloration, and more. It makes sense that you’d want to do everything possible to improve your smile; especially since dental veneers are such a simple and straightforward solution! To keep them looking their best for as long as possible, follow these tips:

Avoid Chewing Hard Foods

You’ll need to pay a little bit more attention to what you eat when you have dental veneers. After all, you wouldn’t want to chip or damage them in any way. Avoid chewing hard things like hard candy, peanut brittle and foods that are extra crispy. You especially don’t want to bite into any foods like this, and you certainly don’t want to chew ice if you have dental veneers.

Don’t Use Teeth as Tools

Some people have a habit of using their front teeth like a tool, trying to strip away the plastic from a beverage lid or other things. Your teeth should never be used like this, and certainly not if you have veneers. You also shouldn’t bite your fingernails if you have dental veneers. If you have such habits, it’s wise to get over them as quickly as possible.

Observe Good Oral Hygiene

Make sure that you practice good oral hygiene at home. This includes all the regular things, like brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Consider investing in a vibrating toothbrush, which is great for polishing veneers, as long as you don’t brush for too long.

Avoid Whitening Products

You don’t want to use drugstore whitening products on your dental veneers. The ingredients may end up yellowing your veneers, and the results may become permanent. Be vigilant because there whitening ingredients in a wide range of products now, including toothpaste and mouth rinses. If you have any doubt, contact yourdentist in Avon, OH, who can give you a list of recommended, safe products to use at home.

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The Role of Veneers in Smile Restoration

Even small flaws can feel big and imposing if they’re part of your smile. Fortunately, modern dentistry has developed many ways to camouflage minor flaws that affect the front incisors, and veneers are wonderful options. Your dentist in Avon, OH, can tell you more about the role veneers play in smile restoration.

Veneers are Thin Shells That Are Bonded to the Front of Individual Teeth

Typically made from dental composite or porcelain, a veneer is a thin, sturdy shell that your dentist attaches to the front of a tooth. Because it is custom-fitted and dyed to exactly match the shade of surrounding teeth, it looks completely natural. Veneers are attached to teeth using dental cement, so they stay in place a long time.

Veneers Cover a Range of Minor Flaws

Sometimes, the best way to fix a tooth is to cover up its flaws. This is often true when you have one or more highly visible teeth that are stained, chipped, or misshapen. As long as the issue doesn’t affect the health or stability of the tooth, a veneer is a great way to hide the nonconformity and to level out your smile.

Your dentist may recommend veneers if your teeth have worn down over the years and now appear shorter than they should, or if you’ve suffered dental trauma that chipped the enamel or have stubborn stains that can’t be removed. Because these are only cosmetic concerns, covering the tooth with a veneer is a way of restoring its appearance.

Veneers Can Last Up to 15 Years or More

With a little extra care and the right oral hygiene routine, your veneers can last for up to two decades. Your dentist will tell you which foods to avoid and how to care for your veneers to lengthen their duration. In most instances, however, one in place, you won’t need to worry about replacing or repairing a veneer for many years.

Veneers in Avon, OH

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